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100 Ways to Smile

100 ways to smile ---- :-))
Dear All,

Here is a list of 100 ways to smile!..............

1 Call an old friend, just to say hi
2 Hold a door open for a stranger
3 Invite someone to lunch
4 Compliment someone on his or her appearance
5 Ask a coworker for their opinion on a project
6 Bring cookies to work
7 Let someone cut in during rush hour traffic
8 Leave a waitress or waiter a big tip
9 Tell a cashier to have a nice day
10 Call your parents
11 Let someone know you miss them
12 Treat someone to a movie
13 Let a person know you really appreciate them
14 Visit a retirement center
15 Take a child to the zoo
16 Fill up your spouse's car with gas
17 Surprise someone with a small gift
18 Leave a thank-you note for the cleaning staff at work
19 Write a letter to a distant relative
20 Tell someone you thought about them the other day
21 Put a dime in a stranger's parking meter before the time expires
22 Bake a cake for a neighbor
23 Send someone flowers to where they work
24 Invite a friend to tea
25 Recommend a good book to someone
26 Donate clothing to a charity
27 Offer an elderly person a ride to where they need to go
28 Bag your own groceries at the checkout counter
29 Give blood
30 Offer free baby-sitting to a friend who's really busy or just needs a break
31 Help your neighbor rake leaves or shovel snow
32 Offer your seat to someone when there aren't any left
33 Help someone with a heavy load
34 Ask to see a store's manager and comment on the great service
35 Give your place in line at the grocery store to someone who has only a few items
36 Hug someone in your family for no reason
37 Wave to a child in the car next to you
38 Send a thank-you note to your doctor
39 Repeat something nice you heard about someone else
40 Leave a joke on someone's answering machine.
41 Be a mentor or coach to someone
42 Forgive a loan
43 Fill up the copier machine with paper after you're done using it
44 Tell someone you believe in them
45 Share your umbrella on a rainy day
46 Welcome new neighbors with flowers or a plant
47 Offer to watch a friend's home while they're away
48 Ask someone if they need you to pick up anything while you're out shopping
49 Ask a child to play a board game, and let them win
50 Ask an elderly person to tell you about the good old days
51 During bad weather, plan an indoor picnic with the family
52 Buy someone a goldfish and bowl
53 Compliment someone on their cooking and politely ask for a second helping
54 Dance with someone who hasn't been asked
55 Tell someone you mentioned them in your prayers
56 Give children's clothes to another family when your kids outgrow them
57 Deliver extra vegetables from your garden to the whole
58 Call your spouse just to say, I love you
59 Call someone's attention to a rainbow or beautiful sunset
60 Invite someone to go bowling
61 Figure out someone's half-birthday by adding 182 days & surprise
them with a cake
62 Ask someone about their children
63 Tell someone which quality you like most about them
64 Brush the snow off of the car next to yours
65 Return your shopping cart to the front of the store
66 Encourage someone's dream, no matter how big or small it is
67 Pay for a stranger's cup of coffee without them knowing it
68 Leave a love letter where your partner will find it
69 Ask an older person for their advice
70 Offer to take care of someone's pet while they're away
71 Tell a child you're proud of them
72 Visit a sick person, or send them a care package
73 Join a Big Brother or Sister program
74 Leave a piece of candy on a coworker's desk
75 Bring your child to work with you for the afternoon
76 Give someone a recording of their favorite music
77 Email a friend some information about a topic they are especially interested in
78 Give someone a homemade gift
79 Write a poem for someone
80 Bake some cookies for your local fire or police department
81 Organize a neighborhood cleanup and have a barbecue afterwards
82. Help a child build a birdhouse or similar project.
83. Check in on an old person, just to see if they're okay.
84. Ask for the recipe after you eat over at someone's house.
85. Personally welcome a new employee at work and offer to take them out for lunch.
86. While in a car, ask everyone to buckle up because they are
important to you.
87. Let someone else eat the last slice of cake or pizza.
88. Stop and buy a drink from a kid's lemonade stand.
89. Forgive someone when they apologize.
90. Wave to someone looking for a parking space when you're about to
leave a shopping center.
91. Send a copy of an old photograph to a childhood friend.
92. Leave a pint of your spouse's favorite flavor of ice cream in the
freezer with a bow on it.
93. Do a household chore that is usually done by someone else in the
94. Be especially happy for someone when they tell you their good
95. Compliment a coworker on their role in a successful project.
96. Give your spouse a spontaneous back rub at the end of the day.
97. Serve someone in your family breakfast in bed.
98. Ask someone if they've lost weight.
99. Make a donation to a charity in someone's honor.
100. Take a child to a ballgame.

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