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Kareena Kapoor Biography

Full Name: Kareena Kapoor
Profession : Actress
Education : Law
Pet Name : Bebo
Hair : Brown
Height : 5'5"
Birth Date : September 21, 1980 Prominent
Family : Karisma Kapoor (sister), Randhir Kapoor (father), Babita Kapoor (mother),Raj Kapoor & Krishna Kapoor (grandparents), Sanjay Kapur ( Brother-in-law)
Star Sign : Virgo
Status : Single
Favorite Films : Awaara, Sangam, Bobby, Kal Aaj Aur Kal.
Favorite Car : Mitsubishi Lancer
Favorite Book : Master Of the Game' by Sidney Sheldon
Favorite Food : Chinese, Italian and Thai
Favorite Hotel : Golden Dragon, Olive & Thai Pavilion
Favourite Holiday Spot : Goa and London
Favorite Actor : Raj Kapoor
Favorite Actress: Nargis and Babita
Favorite Co-Stars : Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and Fardeen Khan
Favorite Attire : Jeans and T-shirt (casuals) and ethnic Indian wear.
Favorite Color : Black and Red
Favorite Song: Rahe na rahe hum mehaka karenge..."
Favorite Sport : Swimming
Favorite Accessory : Bracelets
Favourite Jewel : Diamonds
Favorite Perfume : Dune
Favorite Hobby : Horse-riding and cooking
Favourite Designer : Gianni Versace and Manish Malhotra
Leisure Activities : Reading, swimming, eating and making friends
First Crush : Fourth standard, desk partner in school
Strengths : Mother (Babita) and Sister (Karisma)
Weakness : Sister – Karisma and food
My Motto : Life is full of tears and joy, so make the most of it and believe in true love
I Hate : Liars and Hypocrites I Love : Frankness and Honesty
Address : 2-B/110 Excellency, 4th Cross Road, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400 061, INDIA

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